Sabrina was whelped 12/23/2005 out of a litter of 4 puppies, 2 black girls, 1 black boy, & 1 liver girl. All have brown eyes. All are bilateral, no patches. Sabrina and her sister Jill were purchased by Joe Ulloa and Anne Fomon. When Joe and Anne came to see the puppies at 4 weeks old, it was love at first sight for Joe with Sabrina, it was an instant match!

Pictured to the Left is Sabrina being shown at her first show by Janet Bremes and winning Winners Bitch (WB), her first 3 point Major out of the 6 to 9 months puppy bitches class and also winning Best of Winners (BOW). Sabrina is very showy in the ring.
A very Big Thank you to Trish Snyder and her Dog Cruise for Breeding to Belle to create this beautiful Bitch! Thank you Trish!

Im looking forward to a very bright future for Sabrina!

Sabrina pictured to the right with me showing her for her 5 Major to finish in Arizona. Andy Linton showed Sabrina in her class to win and I took her in for WB and BOW. Andy Linton also showed Sabrina in the Palm Springs 4 day show and won 3 days for her other 3 Majors. I won one of the other days in Palm Springs for a major with Sister Jill, her second Major. It was a sister weekend. They have a Sister Skipper also showing and doing very well. Wow, Im so proud of the 3 Sisters!

Sabrina is being professionally handled by Andy Linton. They are off to a good start and sure make a beautiful team in the ring to watch. I cant thank Andy enough for the great job he is doing with Sabrina!

As of 08/01/08 Sabrina has won 11 BOB (Best of Breed)
As of 08/07/08 Sabrina has won 3 Group Twos
As of 08/01/08 Sabrina has won 1 Group Three
As of 08/01/08 Sabrina has won 2 Group 4s

6 Group Placements to date


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